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Why We're Here!

God has called Proverbial Peace Revived (PPR) to reach to the heart and spirits of individuals to stand boldly and reclaim all that the enemy has tried to steal through pain and / or misfortune. We are charged to empower people to release past hurt; embrace all that God created them to be; and live peaceful, purposeful, hope-filled lives.

When we can get to a place of inner peace and forgiveness, letting go of past hurt and embracing all the good in life that God has in store for us is an easy task. The goal of PPR is to help individuals from all walks of life understand critical strategies to release the things that hinder destiny and embrace life management skills to enhance personal and professional success for destiny living. 

PPR's Spirit of Excellence Award

PPR Honors God-Centered Spirit and Excellence In Action!


Recognizing our responsibility to keep our supporters and the community safe, we announce that PPR's Spirit of Excellence Awards Ceremony 𝐡𝐚𝐬 𝐛𝐞𝐞𝐧 𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭𝐩𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐝. We do this out of an abundance of caution in light of the rising COVID-19 and variant cases throughout our county.

Although we are disappointed that we will not be able to celebrate the amazing unsung heroes and sheroes doing great work in the kingdom for this season, we are not cancelling the opportunity for the future.  We will keep you updated on our rescheduling plans and advise when we reopen the door to nominations for the Man of Honor , the Teen of Integrity (male), the Woman of Achievement, and the Teen of Distinction (female)


For the woman seeking Godly instructions, Woman2Woman; the man seeking God-focused strategies, Man2Man; or youth seeking God-Centered direction, Face of the Future, PPR programming can help individuals take back control of lives gone astray and to turn mere existence into your destiny journey.  

 PPR is a federally certified non-profit organization (501c3).  To review our amazing Board of Directors and Advisors, check our our Board Governance page.  PPR's services and programs are purposed to help make destiny happen!


PPR Membership

If you would like to help take the message to the masses and help those who are in need, we invite you to become a member of the PPR family.  You can join us as a Lifetime Member or on a Monthly Membership.  To find out more about our membership program, Click Here!


Our Woman2Woman Fellowships provide assistance to women seeking to live empowered lives and purposeful living. Emphasis is centered on understanding authenticity, peace, and purpose. Monthly fellowships are held to discuss a range of topics germane to emotional wellness in a woman's pursuit of all that God ordained.

Face of the Future is a dynamic mentoring, training, and leadership program, for teenage youth, ages 13 – up to 21, designed to build and instill in each participant an unwavering belief in their ability to make destiny and success a reality in their lives despite difficult situations.
Our Man2Man forum is to provide information and direction to men who are seeking the path the God has for them to stand as head of their families, communities and churches. The fellowships focus on ensuring a strong understanding of the impact of man's presence on home, church, and community. 

**What Participants Say About PPR Programs**

“Brenetia’s teaching style is superior. I have never seen anyone teach like she does. She makes everything so clear.”

B.S., Hamilton, Bermuda

Ms. Adams-Robinson is gifted beyond words. She teaches and reaches deep down within you where others fail to go. Her passion and commitment to help others is very evident in her teaching and interaction with the women that attend. It is my prayer that God will use her to reach His and our most precious gifts – the children of this generation, those that have been hurt, abused, misguided, and rejected. She has the tools needed to help change their mindsets, decision making and behaviors. Her gift is like medicine, taken in the right dosage renders healing, wholeness, joy, direction, peace, and wisdom. God has equipped her intellectually, educationally, and spiritually to reach the masses. I often say to others, “I wish I could bottle her up and pass her around”. With that said, I would pass out bottles to businesses, churches, community centers, juvenile detention centers, courts, group homes, shelters, schools and colleges just to name a few.

H.W., Atlanta, Georgia

What can I say about Woman to Woman Keeping it Real/Proverbial Peace Ministry, other than it transforming, life changing, and wonderful. I attended the 8 week summer series and I haven’t been the same since. I have grown in areas that I thought no one could reach. I eagerly went each Saturday excited about what I was going to learn for that day, lessons about self (how and why we are the way we are) and reviewing results from our homework assignments. Learning my authentic self was eye opening, much like a rebirthing. It was WONDERFUL!!!

J.W., Atlanta, Georgia

In addition to discovering me, I have learned to release the things of the past that for so many years have hindered me from being who God created and purposed for me to be. I am now on the road to my purpose and destiny. When you become to know who you truly are, then are you able to deal with the world around you with better understanding and wisdom. I have begun to recommend Woman 2 Woman to all of my friends and associates in order that they might be set free and truly begin to live.

D.B., Atlanta, Georgia

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