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Dr. Brenetia Adams-Robinson

"The Destiny D.I.V.A."

Inspirational trainer and transformational coach, Dr. Brenetia Adams-Robinson is able to meet you where you are to help you get where you are destined to be. She has a gift for identifying self-defeating behaviors and mental blocks that keep you stuck in neutral, living a ‘less-than’ life. Her goal in business and ministry is to help position you to tap into your authentic best self for purposeful, successful living.

Brenetia is a doctoral professional with a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership and a Masters of Business Administration in Global Management Strategies. She is experienced in both national and international markets with expertise in training development and leadership education, human resources management, organizational development, and strategic planning. She is President of Epitome’ Consulting Services, a training firm in Atlanta, Georgia, specializing in training / leadership education, life coaching and HR consulting.


The Ministry: 

Having endured many emotional traumas and difficulties in her life, Brenetia has learned firsthand that one cannot hold on to past hurts and disappointments. To do so greatly undermines one’s ability to enjoy the glory of life. Abiding firmly in the belief that God is a God of purpose, she accepted the call to ministry in 2002 and founded Proverbial Peace Revived (PPR) (501c3) in 2004. PPR is a community outreach ministry which seeks to educate, equip and encourage individuals who have been emotional scarred by life’s traumas to release and forgive the hurt and pain of the past to walk in destiny.

Brenetia is passionate about helping people move past self-imposed limitations, mental blocks, and traumatic experiences to be the empowered, victorious, successful individuals they are meant to be. Through her speaking, ministry, and training forums provides her audiences with specific practical, transforming strategies to get immediate results to manifest change and promote long-term success, personally and professionally.

Hear Her Message:

Brenetia's message is one of hope, healing, and fulfilling destiny through God's grace.  She can be heard as The Destiny D.I.V.A, on the fourth Sunday of each month on the popular FM Radio program, "Good News Gospel", FM104.1, hosted by radio personality, Twanda Black.  You can also tune in on Thursdays, on the Internet on All Nations Radio, 1:30 - 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on "Destiny Journey with Dr. Bre". Bot programs focus on helping God's people understand their phenomenal capacity to live an empowered, purpose-driven life. Check out The Destiny D.I.V.A website at

Author / Speaker: The Power Within

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