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Divine D.I.V.A.s

DIVA = Divinely Created / Inspired in Thinking / Victorious in Living / Assured of Destiny

Teen Girl Mentorship Training

Program Purpose

This dynamic empowerment training program is designed for girls, 12 – 21 years, who are determined to pursue a life of excellence despite difficult situations. It emphasizes developing a sense of personal accountability and self-worth in achieving set goals to make dreams come true. Participants will learn the tenants of self-esteem, effective communication, critical thinking, goal setting, and the power of a positive mind to transform dreams into a real possibility.


The program will enhance teen’s awareness and importance of educational pursuits, community involvement, financial management, career development, and networking. Self-assessment exercises are used to reinforce lessons learned.

OPEN NOW:  Registration for "The Titus Lady (TTL)" is open for young ladies, ages 13 - 17 years of age, designed to help participants understand that they are uniquely and wonderfully made, destined for greatness, and unstoppable when they know who God created them to be.  Click here for more information and registration page.

Dazzling DIVA’s Guiding Success Principles

1.Every girl is God’s masterpiece; rare and precious - unique in her gifts and talents, and deserving of only the best that life can offer.

2.Every girl has a prominent voice and internal capacity to make sound decisions concerning her destiny and life’s successes.

3.Every girl deserves respect regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, economic status, past traumas, or any other limiting aspect of birth.

4.Every girl has a right to user her authentic voice to state her opinions, verbalize her hopes and her fears; and to be heard without threat of censure and judgment.

5.Every girl is worthy of the chance to walk in destiny to live a joyous, happy, fulfilling life.

6.Every girl deserves support, encouragement and a chance to make her dreams her reality.

Dazzling DIVA’s Program Inclusions:

1.The Power Within EmPowerment Teas

2.The D.I.V.A.s Empowerment Discussion Group

3.FOF Mentorship Program

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