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Domestic Violence Awareness

Proverbial Peace Revived provides several community-based services to enhance community awareness of and to address the ramifications of domestic violence (DV) and dating violence. These services are available for survivors who may not need shelter-based services but do need critical services to help them heal from the emotional impact of living in a toxic environment to live violence free and victorious.

EmPowerment Training for DV Survivors

PPR’s Reviving My Purpose is a comprehensive training and development program for women who have been victimized by the trauma of domestic violence. This life changing program in purposed to help victims face the realities of the life altering impact of domestic violence on the victim’s self-esteem, the potential for living a purposeful life, the toxic influence on children, and the deadly potential outcome. The program is constructed to help attendees understand their value, stand in their authenticity, and how to strategically take action to remove themselves from the toxic environment to reclaim a life of purpose and joy. 


Teen Dating Violence Program

PPR’s EmPowered Woman: Invaluable, Invincible & Unstoppable is an intense training and development program for female teens and young adults, with a focus on ages 16 – 25 years. This innovative, life changing program in purposed to address alarming dating trends and to help young women understand their value and ensure they recognize the numerous red flags of devaluation and toxic relationships. The program is constructed to help attendees understand their worth and stand in their authenticity to live a life of purpose and joy.  Programs can be customized for high schools and colleges.

Outreach to the Community at Lar​ge

Education is the key to ending domestic violence. This alarming paradigm is not only a crime, but is also an extreme detriment to empowering families and communities. Domestic and dating violence trends cannot be ignored. Towards this end, PPR offers programs to educate community stakeholders, schools, colleges, family based organizations about issue of domestic violence the impact of these issues and the toll they have on society. Presentations can be structured as 45-minute briefings or 2 – 3 hour workshops.

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