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PPR Empowerment Teas

P​rogram Theme: “For the Princess Who Dreams with High Expectations

Program Mission: By introducing young ladies in at-risk situations release the emotional wounds and mental limitations to embrace the hope and potential by allowing them to engage in new and different experiences.


Young girls who experience traumatic events at an early age endure physical pain, emotional distress, mental anguish, and spiritual brokenness. Such trauma generally result in a cycle of negative behaviors as coping mechanisms that lead to escalating negative outcomes that undermine joy, hope, and potential success. Girls in such situations generally progress from wards of a government system to recipients of government funds or potentially more detrimental situations.


Proverbial Peace Revived (PPR) seeks to provide strategies for young girls in at-risk situations to dream bigger than their pain. Through our Faces of the Future’s “The Princess Within” Empowerment Teas we seek to help young ladies, 13 – 17, understand their value, realize their potential, revive their hope, and pursue their dreams. The goal of a tea introduces young girls to new outlooks and new ways of conceptualizing the possibilities of life. Teas can be held throughout the community with a focus on a specific county’s population.

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