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Face of the Future - Youth Mentoring

Statistics related to youth in the foster care and juvenile justice systems reveal an overwhelming need for programs that will engage these youths to believe that they are more than their experiences. 

PPR’s Face of the Future (FOF) is a dynamic mentoring and emotional healing to help engage youth in at-risk environments (i.e. the foster care, juvenile justice systems, low income homes) to provide a path to counter the above soul destroying statistics. FOF is opened to youth ages 12 to 21 years and purposed to help participating youth release the wounds of past traumas, build a strong foundation of emotional wellness, achieve life-long success, and make dreams a reality. Participants will learn the tenants of forgiveness, self-motivation, self-esteem building, releasing past strong holds, strong interpersonal skills, goal setting strategies, identifying mental limitations, and employing the power of positivity.

The following is just a few of the dismal facts related to our youth who have had a difficult path in their young lives:

  • Increasingly more teenagers are feeling disconnected from the adult population and feel they have no role models except those on TV and in the movies. This paradigm is magnified in the case of youth in foster care and the juvenile justice systems.
  • Many teens exit foster care and juvenile justice systems with disadvantages in both education and employment potential, seeking to assume adult responsibilities when they are not emotionally or strategically equipped to be successful.
  • Research shows that young people in foster care and the juvenile justice systems are will endure 25 – 50% greater degrees of homelessness, poverty, unemployment, teen pregnancies, incarceration, and suicide after they leave the systems than teens in stable home environments.
  • A recent study revealed that the trauma that resulted in a child’s foster care placement or juvenile justice involvement is the emotional equivalent of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that is experienced by war veterans.

FOF programs focus on all major areas of life skills development that impact pursuing and achieving success from a foundation of faith. They are built on the principle that every youth is God’s masterpiece – designed for a unique purpose with extraordinary gifts and talents. FOF components are intended to build a foundation to promote hope and determination to make destiny happen! 

The FOF Composite​​

FOF encompasses three distinct components designed encourage, inspire, and promote healing and wholeness for youth to walk in victory:

  • FOF Mentorship for Excellence
  • FOF Believe to Achieve
  • FOF EmPowered Lady: Invaluable, Invincible, & Unstoppable


Mentorship for Excellence (MOE) is a 9-month intensive mentorship program purposed to help youth deal with emotional wounds, achieve emotional healing, and pursue personal and professional success. The program is aligned with the school year to enhance program components with their educational journey and includes open forum discussions, coaching, mentoring, role play, homework projects, field trips and special events. The program consists of 6 developmental modules with meetings scheduled on a weekly basis, lasting approximately 6 weeks each.

FOF Believe to Achieve

Believe to Achieve (B2A) is the component of FOF that is focused on youth incarcerated in the juvenile detention centers. It is purposed to build a foundation for incarcerated youth to understand and embrace the love of God, see themselves as the unique entities they were designed to be, and transform their minds and lives. Current research indicates that 94% of incarcerated youth have never had one single positive adult role model that was consistently present in their lives. Studies also support that youth in the juvenile justice system are stigmatized with negative labels that make it difficult to avoid recidivism and obtain opportunities to leave the mistakes of their past behind. Thus, it is quite clear that incarcerated youth are in desperate need of healthy relationships that promotes healing, wholeness, and empowerment.

B2A helps these youths understand that their mistakes will only define them and their future if they choose that path. It provides a faith-based foundation to promote forgiveness, release, growth, and revitalized hope for the future.

FOF EmPowered Lady: Invaluable,

Invincible, & Unstoppable

Current research supports that Georgia is the leading state in incidents of dating violence of all U.S states. Research further supports that the category that is most traumatized by dating violence are young women between the ages of 16 to 21, primarily high school juniors and seniors as well as college age women. Over the last five years, dating violence on college campuses is increasing at an astronomical rate with more incidents of critical injury and death. Young women who experience dating violence are more prone to increased risks for drug and alcohol use, suicidal thoughts, and entering cycles of connecting to future toxic relationships.

EmPowered Lady is structured as a comprehensive 7-workshop developmental training that covers all key topics related to dating violence, empowerment, and learning self-value. Although developed for young ladies, ages 16-21, women of all ages are welcomed to attend. We also provide awareness seminars to schools, churches, and community youth programs for youth and parents.

Empowerment Teas

Youth in at-risk situations often give up on their capacity to believe that success and happiness are possibilities in their lives. Young girls in such situations are prone to endure cycles of negative behaviors that lead to escalating negative outcomes. Through our empowerment teas, we provide a forum to inspire young ladies to realize the great potential they possess and, thus, see a brighter tomorrow.

Divine D.I.V.A.s

This dynamic empowerment program is designed for girls, 12 – 21 years, who are determined to pursue a life of excellence despite difficult situations. Participants will learn the tenants of self-esteem, self value, communication, relationship building, conflict resolution, goal setting, and the power of a positive mind to transform dreams into a real possibility. The purpose of Dazzling D.I.V.A.s is to help young ladies realize that their circumstances do not have to define their progression and purpose.

Sophisticated Gents

This dynamic mentoring program is designed for young men, 12 –21 years, who seek to pursue a life of excellence and Godly success. Participants will learn the tenants of self motivation, self-esteem, communication, relationship building, conflict resolution, goal setting, the power of a positive mind, and the tenants of a true gentleman. The purpose of Sophisticated Gents is to help young men realize that their circumstances do not have to define their progression and purpose.
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