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MAN2MAN: The Real Deal

Men on a Mission to High Priesthood


Man2Man is purposed to equip men to influence their world for Christ and to advance the kingdom of God as men who are positioned to be Godly heads of household.  The discussion forums are purposed encourage men to be spiritual powerhouses in their homes, churches, workplaces, and communities; and provide Godly tools to make it happen.  

What You Get From M2M:

  • Talk about the issues men face that are often ignored in spiritual circles.
  • Learn to decipher spiritual gifts and God ordained talents.
  • Learn to take back control of life when the traumas and disappointments have left us feeling overwhelmed, beaten and defeated.
  • Learn the keys to understanding the mind and heart of a woman, to have more fulfilling marriages and relationships.
  • Learn strategies to balance home, husband, father, work, community, and self.
  • Learn to release self-imposed limitation to be the man God ordained.
  • Learn to deal with issues of being a God-centered leader in a ungodly world.
  • Confirm that man is critical to the success of family, church, and community.
From the broken in spirit and emotionally traumatized to the man just seeking God’s truth for his life, Man2Man helps man to stand strong!

**There are no restrictions on race, ethnicity, or social status.

**All meetings, studies, and events are faith based and biblically focused.

For more information, click here to contact us, or complete the information form

You will be contacted within 24-48 hours. 

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