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Ms. Kimata Thomas

PPR's Spirit of Excellence Honoree

Teen of Distinction

Our Teen of Distinction is Ms. Kimata Thomas. Ms. Thomas is a senior at M. E. Stillwell School of the Arts in Jonesboro, GA, where is has worked diligently to achieve and maintain at 4.0 GPA and is ranked number nine in her upcoming graduating class. Always focused on being successful in all she does, she began her after school success journey early, and has been taking college classes for college credits at Clayton State University. She is very active in her school and community, participating in the Stillwell International Club; the BETA Club; the HL Community Connection; and “I Demonstrate Educated Beauty”, a mentorship organization.

She is an active member of her church, Harvest Life, in Jonesboro, GA, under the Pastoral Leadership of Pastors Rob and Melissa Jones. She is an active participant in the youth ministry; and she and her family are passionate about community outreach and helping the needed in the community. In September 2018, Kimata was the victim of a tragic accident that almost took her life, but did not touch her spirit.

Tragedy Into Triumph!

While standing on the sidewalk conducting a fundraiser for “I Demonstrate Educated Beauty”, she was caught in the crossfires of a high-speed police chase. The minivan being chased by the police, hit her full force. She was propelled in the air, flipped twice, and landed on the pavement. The accident left her with a temporal fracture, sinus fracture, orbital fracture, jaw fracture, wrist fracture, hip fracture, exposed elbow joint, bruised lungs, bruised right kidney, blood clots in both lungs as well as in my right leg, and road rash covering large portions of her body. Medically, she should not have lived; but God had His hand upon her, and she survived. She spent weeks bedridden and began to see her dreams for her future slip away. Amidst the pain in her body, the potential to fall behind in school after so much hard work, numerous rejections letters in seeking scholarships for college, she could have easily given up…But failure was not an option.

By leaning into her faith and with the loving support of her family, Kimata refused to be defeated or deterred from holding onto her dream for her future and her success. Being the phenomenal young woman that she is, she pushed even harder past the obstacles that the trauma of the accident caused. Rather than get in a state of depression or let her limitations immobilize her, Kimata, fought for her dreams. She never gave in to the pain of recovery; she never stopped applying for scholarships; she was dogmatic about catching up on her school work and not stay behind.

In her words, her recovery helped her realize that life does not operate in a straight line. She realized the extent of her capabilities as a student and vast potential as an individual. Her faith allowed her story not to be a sob story, but one that she was determined to be encouragement and inspiration to those who heard it. She learned from being bedridden and immobile that she was far more than her circumstances, and the true measure of a successful person is their ability to overcome. Kimata is the daughter to Zach and Yemina Thomas; and the granddaughter of John and Carol Thorpe.

PPR takes great pride in honoring Ms. Kimata Thomas as our Spirit of Excellence Teen of Distinction.

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