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Spirit of Excellence Nominees

Use the form below to submit a nominee for PPR's Spirit of Excellence Awards.  You may nominate deserving

individuals by  completing  all fields below.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.  

Deadline for nominations is August 15, 2021.

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It’s time for PPR to celebrate the strength, resilience, and power of men on mission for Christ. PPR’s annual Spirit of Excellence (SOE) award honors individuals who have endured trials and difficulties, but survived through faith.  We are seeking nominees for PPR's Woman of Achievement (WOA), Teen of Distinction (TOD) (female), Man of Honor (MOH), and Teen of Integrity (TOI) (male) for 2021.

SOE awards are purposed to highlight those who have faced traumatizing circumstances, but did not allow the trauma to defeat them. They maintained faith and a positive mindset to stand as a shining example of hope, empowerment, and victory.  

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