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Sophisticated Gents

**EmPowered For Excellence**


This dynamic mentoring and spiritual development program is designed for young men, 12 – 21 years, who seek to pursue a life of excellence and Godly success despite the difficulties of current situations. It emphasizes self-motivation and developing a sense of personal empowerment on the road to achieving set goals to make dreams come true.  The purpose of Sophisticated Gents is to help young men realize that their circumstances do not have to define their progression and purpose.


The program will enhance participant awareness and importance of family bonds, educational pursuits, community involvement, financial management, career development, social networking, and political involvement. Hands-on activities, role-playing exercises, targeted field trips, and social outings keep the pace interesting and reinforce lessons learned.

Sophisticated Gents Guiding Success Principles:

1. Every young man is God’s masterpiece – designed for a unique purpose with extraordinary gifts and talents to achieve greatness.

2.Every young man has the internal strength and mental capacity to make sound decisions concerning his destiny and life’s pursuits.

3.Every young man deserves to be respected regardless of his situation or circumstances of birth when he puts forth the effort to overcome.

4.Every young man deserves support, encouragement, and a chance to grow into a man of integrity, strength, and sophistication.

6.Every young man must be empowered and challenged to live a fulfilling life and pursue God’s promise of a whole, joy-filled life.

Sophisticated Gents Program Inclusions:

1.Sophisticated Gents Ballin’ Rap Sessions

2.Sophisticated Gents EmPowerment Discussion Group

3.FOF Mentorship Program

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