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We Love Our Volunteers:)!

Why Your Service Is Valued at PPR!!

Volunteering for a non-profit is a fulfilling action for a number of reasons. It gets you out of the house, you meet new and exciting people, you make new friends, you learn new things, you get a chance to enhance your skills, and you invest in your community, and you help other who might not be able to help themselves. However, the value of what you do as a volunteer means so much more.

Volunteers are individuals who choose to give freely of their time, energy, and talents to help other people, causes, or organizations, without expectation of financial compensation. The main reasons people volunteer are to be of genuine service to others, to promote causes they believe in, and/or to accomplish what they consider to be worthwhile goals. These selfless heroes help transform all our societies for the benefit of all people and for the good of mankind. They put their hands and their minds and, most of all, their hearts to what they do and where they serve. Their courage and dedication is an inspiration for all of us to step outside of our limitations and act selflessly.

What You Do in PPR Matters!

By sharing your time and talent with Proverbial Peace Revived (PPR) ministries, you are giving to one of the greatest of causes – helping give the hopeless hope for their future.  It is through your volunteer service that PPR’s goals can be accomplished and those who are broken are healed. Thank you for considering this place to plant your seeds of service. You are greatly appreciated… and may God bless your journey!

Volunteer Service Request

Proverbial Peace Revived (PPR) is a registered 501c3 community outreach organizations dedicated to the emotional healing and spiritual release of those who have been traumatized by painful life ordeals. The organization is faith based and operates on a Christian foundation. We are honored that you would choose PPR to donate your valuable time, talent and resources. To that end, we assure you that we will respect your privacy. 

We protect your personal information and adhere to all legislative requirements with respect to privacy directives.  Should you desire to volunteer in our Youth Program, Face of the Future, a background check must be conducted. 

Complete the information herein and you will be contacted to complete the volunteer application.  Thank you for your spirit of voluntarism!

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